desert song

by ok vancouver ok

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Rick Sabbatini
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Rick Sabbatini I love these melancholy rough recordings, they have a purity to them. I discovered this band by accident and am desperate to hear more of them. If only they toured Australia. Favorite track: i am as you see me (Silo version).


side A demos recorded on tour
side b some more demos


released June 18, 2011



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ok vancouver ok Vancouver, British Columbia

no-wave . groovesy, indie pop, lo-fi, post-punk, , avant-funk, hard working,diy

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Track Name: i am as you see me (Silo version)
why does my heart sit so heavy?
can you see me as a bad guy?
I am as you see me
If i invented myself silly, would I laugh at myself?
My, I am always asked how I make money
Never have i ever been asked how I make love
love love
I'm a cigarette to a smoker
I'm a satellite to it's dish
I'm a scoundrel and his lovers
Why does my heart pump old oil?
My eyes crave to be shot from wine
And I'd fall asleep in your breasts
If I couldn't be myself, who would I be?
I'm as you see me
I'm as you see me
This is the way I love
Track Name: Particles (tour tape version)
oh hey give me a peak into your magic eyes
you've got a flicker so spiritual
peacefully listening peacefully i don't want anything at all,
I don't need anything either
let's communicate peacefully
let's be and let it be really
Hey now Hey now
Atmosphere compound
Hey now Hey now
Practically Particles
(we're just particles floating around connecting to everything)
Like a child looking around making sense of these weird sounds
Like a window open letting in the air , oh how I want to be
Hey now Hey now
Atmosphere compound
Hey now Hey now
Practically Particles